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Energy Savings Program

Bland Company’s Energy Savings Program

Only $185 for a single HVAC unit! Our Energy Savings Program is a special, members-only HVAC maintenance program that allows you to keep your home’s HVAC system in the best condition while saving money. It’s best to keep up with maintaining your heating and cooling systems on a regular basis instead of putting things off until something breaks. We’ll take care of the service and maintenance so you can feel confident that your system is working at its optimum level. Enroll today to stop worrying and start saving. For multiple HVAC units or addresses, contact us for a quote.

Energy Savings Program Features

Regular maintenance provided by our HVAC Energy Savings Program for Kern County customers will ensure that everything is operating as it should. Part of that service is to evaluate your HVAC system in its current state to see if anything can be done to improve its energy efficiency. We’ll also look for signs of a worn-down or failing system and can provide you with energy saving replacements, if needed. We’ll even call you to schedule your service so that you don’t have to track maintenance on your personal calendar.

Our technicians perform a variety of tasks to ensure comprehensive system efficiency, including:

Energy Savings Program Member Benefits

While we’re happy to help whenever you need us, there are a few things you can do to ensure you don’t need frequent professional service. These DIY AC maintenance tips will help prevent future issues and encourage a long lifespan for your air conditioning unit.

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