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When Glenn Bland decided to retire in 2017, he was faced with the important task of deciding what to do with all of his privately held shares in the company. Instead of selling them to someone outside of the business or shutting down entirely, Glenn chose to sell his shares back to his treasured employees and create an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, or ESOP. In doing so, Glenn solidified a legacy of elite service and integrity that continues to stand the test of time.

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    What is an ESOP?

    ESOP stands for Employee Stock Ownership Plan, which means that after working as an employee at Bland Company for a certain amount of time, you earn ownership in the form of shares. As you gain seniority in the company, you also accumulate more shares at a faster rate.

    It has many benefits:

    Why Does Bland Company Use the ESOP?

    We implement the ESOP because it’s in the best interest of our employees, clients, and communities.

    For Bland team members, this equates to built-in benefits and a uniquely relevant interest in the success of the company. Clients experience a refreshing level of employee commitment, collaboration, and enthusiasm—sentiments not often found at similar businesses. We maintain a higher standard because each of our team members takes ownership over the strength and success of our business.

    Our Values

    Bland Company was built on a strong, ethical foundation from the very beginning. Today, our core values serve as the pillars and principles that guide our decisions and support our growth.

    We strive to be known for our character and integrity as well as our skills. As experts in our industry, we abide by strict ethical and professional standards to protect our customers and our team.

    We approach every situation and relationship with respect. Maintaining a high regard for our jobs, team members, project sites, and customers allows us to deliver a high-quality experience.

    We always own our mistakes and focus on protecting the customer. When something goes wrong, we step up to make it right—whether it’s our responsibility or not.

    We are nimble and comfortable with change. Whether in our market, in our company, on a job, or in the world, we remain composed and flexible, treating change as an opportunity for growth.

    Our goal is to earn and keep the trust of our customers and colleagues. We communicate clearly, advise with honesty, operate with transparency, and always keep our word.

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