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Solar Power Systems

Whether you are looking to save money on your home utilities or re-invest in your business, solar power systems are an excellent option. We believe that there is truly a suitable solar energy solution for every situation, and instead of focusing on sales, our team focuses on finding the best comprehensive, money-saving fit for your residential or commercial property.

Solar Power

Solar energy for your home has never been more affordable or accessible, increasing your comfort without increased costs.

Solar Power

Reduce your operating expenses with a comprehensive solar energy solution so you can focus on growing your business.

Our solar panels and micro-inverters are made to last and carry warranties up to 25 years.

Finding the Right Fit.

Types of Solar Power Systems

There are many types of solar power systems on the market and many factors that help us determine the right system for your home or business. Considerations like the roof square footage, facing direction, power usage, and shading all influence the necessary size of a solar power system.

Bland Company specializes in rooftop or ground-mounted systems, with the option of added battery storage. We carry multiple solar brands to give you plenty of options, allowing for affordable flexibility to suit every situation. Don’t overspend—let our team of experts build you a quality solar power system that will not only work to eliminate your utility bill, but also be as cost effective and efficient as possible.


Ground-Mounted Systems

Battery Storage

Owning vs. Leasing

Save Money with a Solar Power System

One of the main benefits of using solar energy is lowering your electric bill from your utility company. It’s simple—the more solar energy you generate, the less electricity you’ll need to purchase. 

A high-quality system can increase the value of your home, as well. The selection and installation of the correct system is essential for maximum savings—and that’s where we can help.

Several factors can impact your savings, including:

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At Bland, we install and service solar power systems for both residential and commercial properties in Bakersfield, Fresno, the Central Coast, and surrounding areas.

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